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Collect Your Festival Brochure (July 30, 2015 12:21 pm)
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Collect Your Festival Brochure

  Don’t forget to collect your FREE copy of this year’s Rush Harbour Festival for details of where and when this year’s fun and exciting events are taking place. You can collect your brochure at the festival location.

Bathing Water Quality

Fingal County Council Water Quality Repo...

Latest Bathing Water Report – Fingal Co. Co.

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Rush Harbour Festival Art Exhibition

Rush Harbour Festival Art Exhibition 43 Local Artist’s exhibiting over 160 painting in two locations on main Street: 28 Upper Main Street (Next door to


Rush Action Group for the Environment

      Dear All, Over 1000 people marched last Saturday 25th July in our seaside town of Rush Co Dublin to protest against the

‘Rush Clean our Beaches’

A further meeting of the ‘Rush Clean our Beaches’ group will take place on the 21st July at 8pm in The Community Centre for all

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