Graduation Ball for Rush Students

Third and fourth year students of St Joseph’s Secondary School in Rush are taking part in a once in a life time experience. They are going on an immersion programme to Uganda for two weeks next February.
To celebrate this and the fourth year’s graduating after an excellent year in Transition Year, the students wanted to finish it off in a similarly excellent fashion with TY Graduation/Uganda Ball. Students, who were going to Uganda, were thinking of fundraising ideas and they came up with the idea of holding a Graduation Ball for the Transition Years and it was to be organised completely by the TY’s, as the third year students were busy preparing for their Junior Certificate exams.

The ball was held in St Maur’s GAA Club in Rush and was a great success, where teachers and students mixed easily and a great night was enjoyed by all.

Tickets cost €15 and the students felt it was a reasonable price, enough to raise a worthwhile amount of money for the trip, but not enough for people to feel overcharged.

A dress code of ‘Dress To Impress’ was decided upon and the students pulled out all the stops and everyone looked very impressive.

On the night itself, all of the students involved with the organising of the ball were amazed at how well the hall looked, as was everyone else, even the teachers. The DJ played some classic dance tracks and well known foot-tappers and in no time at all, everyone was up on the floor. Many pictures were taken, many facebook statuses were made and many laughs were had.

All in all the students had a great time, the teachers had a great time, a big chunk of money was raised for the Uganda trip and now the teachers plan to have a TY Graduation ball every year because of the successes of this year.

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