Latest Update on Commercial Development of Main Street, Rush

Dear residents of Rush,

We have great news for you all! The planning permission (F12A/0225) has been granted for a commercial scheme on lands at Upper Main Street in Rush. Permission was granted, subject to 17 no. conditions, for a supermarket, a post office, an office, five retail units, a gymnasium, a restaurant and an exhibition hall.

Of the 17 no. conditions, 12 no. conditions require details to be agreed prior to commencement of development. In August 2015, the applicant submitted initial compliance details to the Planning & Strategic Infrastructure Department in respect of 6 no. of the 12 no. prior to commencement conditions. Since the submission of the compliance details, there has been intermittent communication between Fingal County Council and the agent for the developer. The Planning & Strategic Infrastructure Department was advised that the developer had
encountered delays in purchasing the lands and site assembly.

There has been more active communication between the Planning & Strategic Infrastructure Department and the agent for the developer in recent weeks in respect of the compliance details submitted previously. The resumption in communication is due to progress made by the developer in securing ownership of the subject lands and
therefore being able to proceed with the proposed development. The Planning & Strategic Infrastructure Department is at present processing the compliance of conditions based on the information submitted to date.

The agent for the developer has indicated an anticipated starting date for construction works of Q1 2017, with the retailer trading on site by Q4 2017.