Please support Improvement of Rail to Rush

Bob Laird Community Network member of Fingal County Council Transport SPC

Hi All,

Good news is that we have all five towns on board, and all agreed with the request for a meeting with Chief Executive of Irish Rail. A letter, which was hand delivered on Friday afternoon.

I also attach (which many of you have seen already, but there are some new addressees) two other documents (Attached in News section). One is my notes on deficiencies in the proposed timetables, taking into account points raised at the meeting on Tuesday night in Balbriggan, and points submitted by email from Jacqui in Donabate. The other is the discussion issues related to DART to Balbriggan.

Main thing now is for each Community Council to use its own communications systems to encourage as many people as possible to make submissions by Tuesday.

We are conscious of a number of current issues:

  • consultation on proposed timetable for 2016
  • Government announcement of DART extension to Balbriggan

We note the proposed 50% increase in DART services

Please support by sending on submissions by Tuesday to 


We need your help

We need 2 persons to volunteer to come on board and be part of this initiative.