Rush Community Council’s submission on Upper Main Street development


Fingal County Council Planning Department

Registered Ref: F21A/0455

Location: Upper Main Street Rush Co Dublin

Applicant:  Rushbury Properties Ltd.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Rush Community Council wish to make some observations / suggestions to this planned development.   We support the development as the site has been an eye sore on the Main Street of Rush for the past 12 years. The developer has allowed the site to remain in a poor condition and shown little regard to the town and people of Rush. A new development is welcomed; however, some items need to be addressed by the Planning Department.

1. The Traffic Survey submitted by Barrett Mahony / Dr. Martin Rogers was dated January 2012 and the survey itself dated 05 December 2011. This is outdated and does not give a true reflection of the existing traffic volumes on Rush Main Street.  A new traffic survey needs to be undertaken as soon as possible, over the course of 7 days, to get a true reflection of the volumes of traffic currently on the Main Street. The granting of a new housing development with 67 units on Upper Main Street, Rush will also exit onto the Main Street and will add additional traffic numbers to the Main Street. This also needs to be factored into any updated traffic assessment.

2. The traffic exiting the development should consider a no right turn to help with the traffic flow.

3. The bus stop should be set back from the road to allow traffic to continue to flow while the bus is picking up or dropping off commuters. 

4. The development should be set back from the existing Main Street to allow a turning lane into the development.

 5. Car parking on the development should be open 24/7 to help traffic flow on the Main Street and replace the removal of parking spaces from some areas on the Main Street.

6. If the development does not commence within 12 months of planning being approved, the developer should clean the site and allow car parking until the development takes place. This should be a condition of planning due to the poor track record of this site and the developer.

As Rush Main Street is the beating heart of our town and there is no alternative traffic route, it is vital that all issues such as pedestrian, cycle, motor traffic, business and outdoor activities have been taken into account in all planning issues on the Main Street.

We hope you will consider our suggestions on behalf of the people of Rush.


Eamonn Price


Rush Community Council

Click here to view a copy of the reply from FCC re: planning F21A/0455.

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