Tayto Crisp Packet

Rush residents discover old Tayto crisp packet – can you guess how old it is?

Two local Rush residents came across an incredible find last month whilst they were doing some litter picking on the South Beach. Mary and Carl found an old bag of Tayto’s, but based on the picture, can you guess how old it is?

Tayto Crisp Packet

Some people say you can guess the age of someone by the lowest price of a pack of Tayto’s they can remember! But on a serious note, this highlights the importance of disposing of our rubbish properly to ensure our town is kept clean and tidy. This can be a reminder to try to refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle (the 5 R’s) where possible.

A solution to the disposal of old Tayto crisp packets is to bring them to SuperValu Rush to be recycled. We sent our 4th consignment of crisp bags to Terracycle for recycling last month. This brings the total to date to 22kgs in weight which would otherwise have gone to land fill. Thank you to everybody for continuing to support this initiative by bringing your crisp bags to our drop off point at SuperValu Rush (near the car park exit).  

Based on our quick research we estimate this to be around 1971. But if we are wrong and you know which year this is from, please get in touch with Rush Tidy Towns to confirm.   

Author: Philip Kirrane, Rush Tidy Towns