Work underway to improve water quality at Rush beach

Following recent news that Rush failed to meet the water standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), work is said to be underway to address the water problems. These have been caused by historic under investment at Waste Water Treatment facilities in Rush.

Major works are said to be planned for a new system which will collect and transfer the flows to the new Wastewater Treatment Plant at Portrane. The scheme involves extensive pipelines and new pumping stations.

This news will come as a relief to local residents and visiting tourists, who are eager to see the water quality restored. Despite the water’s poor quality, it does not mean the water is unsafe to swim in. Should the water be deemed unfit for use by the public, the County Counciol will be required to make this known.

These works are at an early stage yet, with work commencing on the overall design. Construction is expected to take place in 2016.

The project to improve Rush’s water quality should hopefully mean it can be restored to its ‘blue flag’ status, a title which has been awarded to many of our North County beaches over the years.

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